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Roger Osorio

Constant and Never Ending Growth, Development and Reinvention

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# of students I have taught from ages 8 to 80!
# of entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, students, and executives coached since 2008.

About me

Hi, my name is Roger Osorio and I am a reinvention coach, writer, and speaker.  Over the last two decades, I have reinvented myself many times going from finance major to refrigeration sales to math teacher to international speaker to executive coach to Ivy League faculty to entrepreneur.  

Taking all that I have learned along the way, it is my mission to empower people to drive their own personal or career reinventions so they can make their life fulfilling and great!

Some of the things I do these days:

  • Write for my blog – The Journey to Reinvention
  • Teach entrepreneurship and coach graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Facilitate an online venture incubator (SLCeeds) at Sarah Lawrence College
  • Coach clients on their own reinventions
  • Host a mastermind on reinvention (relaunching in September 2021)
  • Produce video and audio courses on reinvention and entrepreneurship
# of talks and presentations delivered since 2014
# of people impacted through live presentations, talks, and workshops.
# of countries represented at my live event audiences

An engaging speaker for your next event!

Whether I am booked to deliver a keynote, teach a workshop, facilitate a conference, or serve as your catalyst of ceremonies, I work tirelessly to make sure your audience enjoys an unforgettable event. I don’t simply deliver a talk – I work with my clients to add significant value to the event and help them make it even better!

Looking for someone to catalyze your audience or people?  Contact me so that we can discuss how I can help you take your event to the next level.  

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