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Roger Osorio

Ready to build a life aligned with who you really are and what matters to you?


Looking for a Change?

It’s normal to feel stuck at some point in your life. Perhaps some part of your life is not aligned with your values, passion, or purpose. Maybe it’s your health, financial situation, family, relationships, or career that just doesn’t match up with who you are and what matters to you.

Sometimes, people are forced into a difficult spot because of a layoff or other setback in their life. In my case, I found myself laid off during the worst moment of the Covid pandemic in 2020.

Regardless, we all have an opportunity to leverage reinvention to create new possibilities, pursue success on your terms, be happy, and build a life in alignment with your values, passion, and purpose!

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Meet Roger

I’m a guy who grew up in the projects in an inner city and pursued a traditional definition of success – worked hard to stay out of serious trouble, got good grades, went to university, graduated on the Dean’s List, and got into a competitive leadership development program at a Fortune 500 company.  Honestly, that was ok by me!  At the time, this is what I knew, valued, and wanted.  

Then in 2005, I found myself living a life that wasn’t aligned with who I wanted to become. I was at my heaviest weight, in a relationship that wasn’t right for me, and drowning in $150K in debt. 

This was the moment I said, NO MORE! I took on a new role at my company, moved to a new city and resolved to reinvent my health, finances, and relationship.  

Little did I know at the time I was only getting started with my journey to reinvention.  Since then, I’ve reinvented myself from a national account sales manager to a math teacher, international speaker, Techstars Startup Weekend Global Facilitator, executive coach, Ivy League instructor, entrepreneur, and author!

Today, I am focused on helping you reinvent your life into alignment with your values, passion, and purpose!


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