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Roger Osorio

Ready to Set Your Own Definition of Success and Reinvent Yourself to Go Get It?

Four Ways to Setup Your Reinvention


Looking for a Change?

It’s normal to feel stuck at some point in your life. Perhaps some part of your life is not aligned with your values, passion, or purpose. Maybe it’s your health, financial situation, family, relationships, or career that just doesn’t match up with who you are and what matters to you.

Sometimes, people are forced into a difficult spot because of a layoff or other setback in their life. In my case, I found myself laid off during the worst moment of the Covid pandemic in 2020.

Regardless, we all have an opportunity to leverage reinvention to create new possibilities, pursue success on your terms, be happy, and build a life in alignment with your values, passion, and purpose!

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Meet Roger

In 2005, I found myself in a relationship that was not right for me, weighing the most I have ever weighed, and in almost $150,000 in debt.  That year, I took on a new role in a new city and leveraged that opportunity to reinvent myself for the first time. Over the next 12 months, I got into shape, and worked a part time job to help pay off my debt faster.

A few years later, I had my debt under control and an amazing new relationship. However, I also realized that I had grown in a different direction from my job.

Working part time at a learning center teaching math, I realized I enjoyed helping people break through limiting beliefs and low self-esteem to perform better in math. I asked myself – what if I was helping people do this for a living?

So in 2008, I launched my first professional reinvention. Little did I know that was just the start!

Since then, I’ve gone from commercial refrigeration sales person to middle school math teacher, to motivational speaker to executive coach, corporate trainer, and Ivy League instructor.

Today, I am focused on helping people like you reinvent your life into alignment with your values, passion, and purpose through The School of Reinvention. And most recently, I launched my reinvention to become an author.  The Journey to Reinvention, comes out in September 2022!


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In The School of Reinvention you will get the resources, skills, and support to define success on your terms and reinvent yourself to go get it!

You’ll have access to LIVE monthly calls, a growing community of people defining success on their terms, and an ever-growing library of courses to help you launch a successful reinvention.