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Have you ever questioned your idea of success? Are your goals today beyond what you dreamed possible yesterday? How do you balance life and career?

In this episode, we tackle the ever-changing definition of success with our returning guest, Jen Fox! Jen is a phenomenal HR professional whose expertise helped develop inspiring teams at companies such as Nordstrom, Starbucks, and Getty Images. Today she shares how she reinvented herself and her idea of success. 

As you reinvent yourself, your aspirations, expectations, and your desires shift…so how could your concept of success remain constant? Jen walks us through her numerous reinventions and lays out how each new insight shifted her goals and expanded her concept of what is possible. 

Dive into Jen’s journey, where she fearlessly departs from the mainstream path professionally and personally, discovering new avenues of financial power and parental freedom. She candidly shares her breaking point and the challenges of aligning personal timelines with societal expectations.

In this episode, Jen teaches you how to have it all without doing it all! Let this episode be the inspiration for your next reinvention. Tune in now to discover how to integrate life and health to create a holistic experience that will invigorate your spirit! 

Key Takeaways:

Introduction [00:00]

Defining Success [02:00]

Identifying your Core Values [12:00]

Redefining Resilience [16:30]

Integrating Limiting Beliefs [23:30]

Launching Your Reinvention [30:40]

Building Confidence in your intuition [42:00]

Hitting Your Breaking Point  [51:50]

Reclaiming Your Financial Power [63:00]

Integrating Life and Health [76:00]

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Memorable Quotes from Balancing Life and Career with Jen Fox:

“Career satisfaction doesn’t have to come in the way that I had been trained that it had to come. Truly a light bulb moment.” [32:52] -Jen Fox

“That ability to commit and go all in but keep letting go of those attachments, to allow things to unfold and pivot as needed with new data.” [50:40] -Jen Fox

“The lesson here is not segmenting yourself. You’re one person. If that means you have to set a boundary and ask for what you need, take additional time, find the support groups…for whatever it is, whatever setback you are going through.”   [55:30] -Jen Fox