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Do you feel like you’ve outgrown the life you’re living but don’t have the tools to forge a new path for yourself? Do not fear what you can’t do, but accept the power you have within the potential of your best self! Today on The School of Reinvention, Dr. Stacey Gonzales decodes her awakening, sharing the realities of aligning with your better self. Stacey was on a straight path, working as an award-winning executive leader within the largest school districts in Illinois until she discovered a deeper desire to live a life of passion and purpose. 

Forging her own path, Stacey founded SG Creative Connections, where she helps individuals and groups fulfill their highest potential by strategically tapping into their unique gifts.

Reinvention comes at the cost of your former self. Stacey candidly shares her journey of self-discovery as she let go of what she once believed impossible. Learn how to understand your thought patterns as Stacey teaches you how to change your behaviors as you begin each cycle of reinvention. There is no linear path in life, and in this episode, you will learn what is possible when you willfully innovate your existence. 

Join us for exceptional insight on how to consolidate learning with experience, forge your own path, and liberate yourself from the limiting beliefs that keep you grounded in a life unfulfilled.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction [00:00]

Nonlinear Paths  [01:00]

Your Best Version [06:00] 

Live From Spirit First [11:30]

Learning versus Experiencing [17:00]

Pushing Yourself into Passion [27:00]

Enjoy The Baking [35:00] 

Life After Quitting [47:00]

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Memorable Quotes:

“When we level up and reinvent, we see ourselves differently, as the better version of ourselves, and so I started to see myself as the better version!” [7:37] -Stacey Gonzales

“This generation understands reinvention and they understand cycles of that. What I don’t think they understand is getting to know who they are. Getting to know what makes them unique. Comparison culture, social media…all that constant, makes it really challenging to be different, unique and find your unique voice.”  [19:05] -Stacey Gonzales

“Getting still and quiet, because that’s the only way we can start to see, from an outside perspective, how our mind works, how our thinking works, how we make decisions, how we process. If we are constantly going, going, going busy…how are we going to understand the inner workings of your person?” [22:30] Stacey Gonzales