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Does work-life balance seem unattainable? Are you drowning in obligations that don’t serve you? Maybe you are choosing to prioritize work before life itself. Today’s guest is Cara Houser, author, life strategist, and empowerment coach. After spending 20 years in real estate development, Cara found herself overwhelmed and utterly burnt out, something all too common in today’s hustle culture. Finally, she chose to take a deliberate hiatus, where Cara began incrementally reshaping her habits, boundaries, and priorities to create a joyful life focused on life-work balance instead of work-life balance. In this episode, she outlines her process, giving you the power to build sustainable habits that fill you with joy!

You are more than what you do! Cara will help you identify burnout in your own life as she shares her experience in an industry that brought her both joy and unending stress. Cara teaches you how to translate your time management skills at work and apply them to what truly matters. Learn that it is ok to schedule time for fun and how making time for yourself can actually improve your productivity when you return to work. 

This is not about adding more to your plate but rather about taking control of what you do and how you do it. Cara demonstrates how powerful your habits are in creating a life where you are the priority. If you are tired of being everything to everyone but yourself, this episode will be your catalyst for change!

Key Takeaways:

The Pressure Cooker [1:00]

The Catalyst for Change [11:30]

Defining Burnout [19:35]

Finding Life-Work Balance[29:00] 

Setting Boundaries for Life [45:00]

Choosing Healthy Habits [59:00]

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Book: Burned Out to Lit Up: Ditch the Grind and Reclaim Your Life



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Memorable Quotes

“It’s not a sign of doing things wrong, it’s a sign of hustling and grinding so freakin hard to do it all “right” and still feeling like a failure. So, here you are trying to meet all of society’s expectations: the workplace, the domestic realm, your family, whoever, and your own expectations. You’re hustling to do all these things and you still feel like crap because it was really never attainable.” [20:40] -Cara Houser

“Ultimately our lives are just a big pile of habits and actions, put together over a course of years, so we don’t want those to happen by accident. We want to be really intentional about what goes into our lives.” [50:55] -Cara Houser