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Do you have a business idea that you can’t seem to start? In this episode, Roger Osorio gives you the tools to go from zero to step one so you can initiate your idea and gain the momentum necessary for it to thrive. Like you, Roger struggled to bring his idea to life. After ten years of fruitless planning, Roger discovered the key to simplifying his goals in order to accomplish what he always knew was possible. 

The most common plight of potential entrepreneurs is focusing on the macro instead of the micro. Learn how to set attainable goals that set your business in motion instead of remaining paralyzed by the potential scale of what you could become.  

In the beginning, your idea requires action and persistence. No idea comes out fully formed, you just need to start. Roger teaches you how to take that daunting first step so you can launch your business today!

Key Takeaways: 

[0:00] False Starts

[3:00] Getting in Motion

[7:00] Setting Effortless Goals 

[10:00] Developing Expertise

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Memorable Quotes

“62% of Americans, right now, have a business idea that they want to start, but 92% of those people don’t even start.” [5:36] -Roger Osorio

“We make it so that we have to start this goal so much later, and that’s the problem, but what we really need to do is make it so that we can actually get the goal started sooner rather than later and with less force and with less effort because in the beginning we don’t have as much force or leverage to apply.” [7:33] -Roger Osorio