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Do you crave a purpose-filled life but fear the uncertain path ahead? Today’s guest will help you identify what is working, but more importantly, what is not working so you can begin your reinvention today! Mike Gardon is a multifaceted entrepreneur and the mind behind The Break Community on After realizing that work wasn’t working for him, he began to seek new avenues for revenue and fulfillment, where he discovered his 8 points of advantage. In this episode, Mike breaks down his advantage strategy to help you identify your zone of genius and build a life that fits your definition of success. 

Mike explains why planning for uncertainty is the foundation of your reinvention. Life rarely takes you down a linear path, so Mike shows you how to embrace that uncertainty and use it to your advantage when strategizing for your future. 

Instead of avoiding risk, Mike reframes how you leverage your income, skills, and time to develop an experimental mind that allows you to use risk as data for your reinvention. Join us to learn how you can transform from uncertainty to unbreakable!


Stepping into Entrepreneurship [1:40]

Listening to Your Gut [6:00]

An Experimental Mind [16:00]

Designing Your Life [26:00]

Redefining Success [44:30]

From Uncertainty to Unbreakable [51:50]

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Memorable Quotes:

“I want people to give themselves permission to listen to those things in your gut, because they’re signaling that something’s not right, and the longer you let that persist the farther away from your ideal vision of yourself you’re going to get.” [6:10] -Mike Gardon

“When you’re in an experimental mindset, it’s not about finding the right answer, it’s about gaining the knowledge or insight that you are continuing on the right path or need to be on a different path. That’s the essence of an experiment.” [20:50] -Mike Gardon