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What if you could change the trajectory of your life with two simple words? “ I am” is the most powerful phrase that influences your behavior. Who you believe you are is who you become, because your internal dialogue can either elevate or limit your potential. Today Kimberly Sauceda shares how you can take control of your inner critic, build thriving relationships, and take control of your next reinvention one small change at a time. Kimberly is an expert in marketing leadership, who has felt the weight of imposter syndrome. From small town to launching Apple’s iPhone Refurb program, Kimberly has felt the weight of her own inner critic.  

In this episode, she empowers you with the same tools that helped her overcome her expectation biases so that you can thrive in your evolving identity. Kimberly details how getting clear on your goals will manifest them into reality. Learn how to leverage your internal dialogue so that you can reach your full potential. In life and management, Kimberly’s strategy for building bridges will help you understand the impact of your relationship with others and yourself!

If you feel that you’re ready to take the plunge and forge a new path for yourself, this episode will inspire and instruct you on how to start your reinvention today! 


Getting Clear on Your Vision [4:00]

Launching the iPhone Refurb Program [12:45]

Peaks and Valleys in Management [17:00] 

The Power of Experimentation [35:00]

Closing The Confidence Gap [44:00]

Building Successful Bridges [70:00]

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“If you start to look for the way things will work out and you believe that things will work out, you’re gonna see the open doors!”  [38:08] -Kimberly Sauceda