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Are you daunted by the responsibility of bringing children into your world? Parenthood is not the end of your individuality but can become an extension of your potential. In this unique episode,  my wife Rowena and I discuss our journey to parenthood and how we crafted an unconventional lifestyle that suited our passions and goals along the way. Together we discovered that the constraints of parenthood became the creative catalyst of our individual ambitions. The moment Rowena became pregnant, the game changed, and a boundless motivation was unlocked within us! We detail how we navigated the advice, warnings, and guides to parenthood to engineer our unique vision for our growing family. Together we discuss the process of strategizing and supporting each other through the challenges of IVF therapy, pregnancy, and beyond.

It was shocking to discover how many of our friends and family had similar experiences with conception, and we hope that this episode opens the conversation for couples to engage in honest discourse about the reality of intentional parenthood. 

Parenthood unlocks an exciting part of your psyche that will allow you to achieve more than you could on your own. Having a child to consider, you learn how to navigate challenges efficiently while prioritizing what matters in life, you and your family. Join us for some personal insight into the evolution from couple to parents and how to apply it to your reinvention today!

Key Takeaways

Choosing IVF Therapy [4:30]

The Financial Pressure of Fatherhood [11:00]

Navigating Pregnancy [19:00]

Engineering Your Experience [28:00]

Supporting Your Partner [37:00]

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Memorable Quotes

“When you trap that time and you condense it or you restrict it, you learn to work within that.” [24:15] -Roger Osorio

“Love is the willingness to expand yourself, for your own spiritual growth, but for the other persons growth as well.”  [44:55] -Rowena Osorio