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Are you struggling to redefine yourself? 

Today on The School of  Reinvention, we have the pleasure of chatting with the incredible integrative health coach, Azul Corajoria, who guides us through her transformative journey of reinvention. Azul took years to develop the courage to reinvent her career, but she didn’t stop until she found her purpose in helping people change their relationship with food and themselves! Azul teaches you how to be curious about what makes you happy so that you can discover what truly satisfies you. 

In this episode, Azul delves into the core of any successful reinvention – curiosity. Drawing from her own experiences, Azul shares how the path to reinvention is not an overnight process but an exercise in intentional evaluation of the path you are on. 

She recounts how, despite finding herself in seemingly satisfying careers, the need for a sense of purpose drove her to continue the search for true fulfillment, ultimately taking her out of the corporate sector into the integrative health space.

Azul dismantles the myth of overnight success, providing insight into the nature of a gradual unfolding. Her story proves that you can reinvent yourself slowly by taking small steps towards your larger goals. 

Join us to learn how curiosity and self-awareness can pave the way to your ultimate reinvention!


Introduction [00:00]

The Need For Change [01:00]

Venturing into Entrepreneurship [12:00]

Hindsight is 20/20  [24:00]

Curiosity is Key [30:00]

Striving for Confidence [45:00]

Powered by Purpose [60:00]

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“If you’re not feeling good in a job, or you’re not feeling aligned, or you’re not feeling any which way, instead of trying to make yourself happy, instead maybe lean into it and get really curious.” [34:25] -Azul Corajoria

“If you don’t have that feeling of self-worth, it’s just always going to be, I’m here, now what… and you’re never allowed to be just happy.” [69:40] -Azul Corajoria