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Are you struggling to tell your story as you reinvent yourself? 

Step into the captivating narrative of identity exploration and reinvention with Veronica Lawson Vilches on The School of Reinvention Podcast. In this episode, Veronica shares her journey of navigating multiple identities, weaving between her Spanish heritage and American upbringing. From her nomadic early years, adapting to new cultures and schools, to overcoming educational obstacles in pursuit of her passions, Veronica’s story epitomizes resilience and self-discovery.

Embracing her bicultural identity as a strength rather than a struggle, Veronica illuminates the transformative power of leaning into one’s differences. Her experiences in France and Italy served as catalysts for healing and inspiration, leading her to realize the profound impact of storytelling on personal and professional growth.

As a PR specialist and creative force behind The Word on Record, Veronica channels her passion for storytelling into helping others discover and share their unique narratives. Whether you’re an aspiring solopreneur or a purpose-driven corporation, Veronica’s insights on crafting authentic narratives and navigating the realm of PR will empower you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Join us on this riveting journey of self-discovery, reinvention, and manifesting dreams as Veronica Lawson Vilches invites you to rewrite your story and embrace your uniqueness for success!


Introduction [00:00]

Leaning into Your Differences [01:30]

Navigating Obstacles [15:30]

Pursuing Your Passions [25:00]

Embracing a New Environment [36:30]

The Word On Record [49:00]

Highlighting Your Potential [57:00]

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“I could never present myself in a way that felt true to who I was, because no matter where I was, I was always gonna be somewhat different.” [06:00] -Veronica Lawson Vilches

“I had this feeling that things happen for a reason and that I had made the best of what I had, even though I had been so mad, I kind of let go of that anger and was like, if that had not happened, would I have ended up in France?…probably not. So instead of keeping that anger, I ended up releasing it and thanking that it happened. [23:18] -Veronica Lawson Vilches

“I think when we’re younger, we’re smarter, because we don’t set our own boundaries. We really dream of everything we can do and we don’t set limitations to ourselves.” [32:05] -Veronica Lawson Vilches

“People connect with the potential that they see in how they can work with you.” [58:18] -Veronica Lawson Vilches