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Do you have an amazing idea that falls apart when you try to explain it?

Communication can make or break the success of even the most innovative ideas, and today’s guest will shift your communication style so you can develop intrigue and grow your ideas into something that can profoundly impact the world. 

Dr. Michael Gerharz joins us to reevaluate how we communicate and execute our ideas. As the host of The Irresistible Communication Podcast and author of The Aha Effect, Dr. Gerharz helps leaders simplify their message to create intrigue that captures everyone’s attention. 

In his discussion, Dr. Gerharz highlights the paradox of over-preparation for spontaneous communication. He underscores the significance of responsiveness to the audience, emphasizing that effective leaders prioritize serving the listener. Success lies not in having all the answers, but in the willingness to navigate the journey of discovery together.

Without engaging the audience’s focused attention, even the most brilliant ideas remain unrealized. Gerharz’s insights underscore the critical role of communication in bridging the gap between ideas and their impact, urging communicators to embrace adaptability and audience-centricity. Join us to learn how you can bring your ideas to the forefront of the conversation!


Introduction [00:00]

Inspiring Curiosity [01:00]

Resonating with Your Customer [20:00]

Knowing Your Topic [30:00]

Articulating Your Ideas [32:00]

Communicating Simply [36:00]

Listening to Your Audience [45:50]

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“No audience whatsoever, ever shows up because they are looking for another hero, because they already got one, it’s themselves. If you help them become even better at being that hero of their life, that’s when they pay attention to you”…” [25:48]  -Dr.Michael Gerharz

“It’s not about being right initially but getting it right eventually. No first idea is ever perfect.” [34:00] -Dr. Michael Gerharz