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Do you struggle to tell your story in a way that connects your passion to your personal brand? 

Join us today as we welcome Henry Wong, an esteemed branding authority boasting over two decades of expertise in marketing. Henry’s prowess lies in his mastery of storytelling. In this enlightening episode, Henry imparts invaluable wisdom on distilling the essence of your passion into a captivating narrative, forging connections with potential investors, clients, and consumers by aligning your product with your core values.

Henry advocates for crafting narratives that delve into your journey rather than merely highlighting your job title, fostering genuine connections with others. After all, everyone resonates with the hero’s journey. Discover how to uncover the driving force behind your passion, as it is this essence that distinguishes you and attracts like-minded individuals.

By articulating your purpose and enthusiasm effectively, you possess the power to motivate others to join you on your path and collaboratively enact meaningful change. Henry guides you in pinpointing a singular word that embodies your identity and aspirations, empowering you to construct a personal brand intricately woven with your purpose.


Introduction [00:00]

Embracing New Identities [01:50]

Telling Your Story [06:00]

Edging Closer to Authenticity [11:40]

Believing The Change [16:00]

Knowing Your Purpose [25:00]

Owning A Word [29:00]

Are you yearning for more than just the 9-to-5 grind?

Do you dream of turning your purpose into a business that allows you to prioritize what truly matters—family and impact?

Are you wondering, “Do I have what it takes to transition from corporate to a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey?”  Well, it’s time to find out!

Take my Reinvention Readiness Quiz and discover if you’re ready to reinvent yourself as a purpose-driven entrepreneur. Don’t let another day pass wondering what could be. Uncover your potential and step confidently towards your dreams.

Embark on your journey. Reinvent. Thrive.

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Memorable Quotes

“It’s really how you do it rather than what you do.” [6:00] -Henry Wong

“When you’re sharing your story, get that nutshell! So that people now begin leaning forward. They want to find out more. They want to find out a little bit more about who you are.”  [21:10] -Henry Wong