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Are you yearning to chart a new course in life but finding it challenging to take the first step? 

Today’s guest is Michael Glassock, a beacon of inspiration for every aspiring entrepreneur. Michael spent his early career building financial security but found himself craving more. He shares the remarkable story of his strategic exit from his corporate job at the National Health Services (NHS) to pursue his true calling. 

Learn how Michael leveraged his corporate background to carve out the space and financial runway needed to nurture his passion for coaching. After six years of dedicated service at the NHS, Michael’s transition was not a hasty decision but a meticulously planned progression. His strategic approach involved saving, planning, and experimenting for the shift, allowing him to explore his passions while still employed. 

By embracing a gradual immersion into his passions rather than diving headfirst, Michael gained invaluable insights and prepared himself for the realities of entrepreneurship. His journey led him to a position at Essex University, where he found renewed authenticity in guiding students towards their futures, drawing on his corporate experience and natural enthusiasm to offer practical advice.

Michael purposefully sought out opportunities that aligned with his interests. Through action and curiosity, he crafted a life of purpose, extending his guidance to entrepreneurs, students, and anyone seeking reinvention.

In this enlightening episode, Michael shares actionable strategies for assessing goals and taking daily steps toward a new career. Discover how preparing for your reinvention can significantly enhance your chances of success as you transition into your new reality.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back from a fulfilling life. Tune in to this inspiring episode of The School of Reinvention!


Introduction [00:00]

Pursuing Financial Security [03:00]

Finding Corporate Success [06:30]

Planning for Your Transition [17:00]

Taking Action [24:00]

Becoming Your Authentic Self [32:00]

Speaking to Humans [37:00]

Going All in On Yourself [45:00]

Are you yearning for more than just the 9-to-5 grind?

Do you dream of turning your purpose into a business that allows you to prioritize what truly matters—family and impact?

Are you wondering, “Do I have what it takes to transition from corporate to a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey?”  Well, it’s time to find out!

Take my Reinvention Readiness Quiz and discover if you’re ready to reinvent yourself as a purpose-driven entrepreneur. Don’t let another day pass wondering what could be. Uncover your potential and step confidently towards your dreams.

Embark on your journey. Reinvent. Thrive.

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Memorable Quotes

“If you don’t have a plan B, sometimes you go all out, and I recognize that, whereas I recognize how I think that if I have a comfort blanket, in terms of emergency funds, securities elsewhere, that actually allows me to double down on my pursuit and on my pathway.”  [17:40] Michael Glassock

“People prefer a certain misery rather than the uncertainty of life.”  [24:45]  -Michael Glassock

“All this time, I’m just a loving scientist. I’m testing my hypothesis. I’m seeing what the results and outcomes are and then I’m iterating my approach as a result.” [54:15 ] -Michael Glassock