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Feeling adrift after experiencing a forced reinvention? Darrin Schenck’s journey embodies resilience and adaptability amidst life’s uncertainties. From a promising wrestling career curtailed by injury to thriving in the world of racketball and beyond, Darrin’s story showcases perseverance and reinvention.

Following a devastating injury that thwarted his wrestling dreams, Darrin found solace and passion in racketball. Embracing the sport’s individualistic nature, he pursued excellence despite initial setbacks, challenging himself against formidable opponents to spur his growth. This voyage of self-discovery propelled Darrin’s transition from athlete to visionary therapist and coach, marking a pivotal chapter in his life. Reinvention, as Darrin’s narrative illustrates, is not a singular event but an ongoing process of renewal.

Despite his abrupt departure from professional sports, Darrin’s resilience propelled him to excel in the corporate arena, culminating in a pivotal role at Triage Now, a premier provider in the workers’ compensation industry. Beyond his professional triumphs, Darrin’s fervor for coaching extends to nurturing young professionals, assisting them in striking a balance between their passions and career pursuits. Through his extraordinary odyssey, Darrin Schenck inspires others to confront life’s twists and turns with fortitude and resolve.


Introduction [00:00]

When Life Has a Different Plan [02:00]

Adapting to New Circumstances [09:00]

Playing to Fail [20:00]

Shifting Through Identities [27:00]

You Will Figure It Out [30:00]

Reinvention After a Forced Exit [34:00]

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Memorable Quotes

“In that moment I decided, I’m gonna be a pro racketball player! That sounds like such an audacious, unrealistic dream to shoot for because I didn’t know what I didn’t know at that stage and yet I made that commitment and the decision that day that I was gonna be one of those guys and thus my journey began!” [16:00] – Darrin Schenck  

“If I want to get better I need to find different people to compete with.” [22:10] -Darrin Schenck

“ I was on this journey and I was learning and growing as a person, so much, that’s what my self worth should be based on, not my career ranking.” [36:10] -Darrin Schenck