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Thinking about how to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship? 

In this episode, I speak with Tanya Abbey, CEO of Recruit Corp and CEO and founder of, as she shares her remarkable journey as a single mother and entrepreneur. 

Tanya’s story encapsulates resilience and dedication, as she navigates the delicate balance between her career and raising two children. Her approach to motherhood and entrepreneurship serves as an inspiring testament to her unwavering commitment to family and professional excellence.

Transitioning into entrepreneurship marked a significant milestone for Tanya, driven by her core values of quality service and client satisfaction. With Recruit Corp, she emphasizes the importance of aligning personal ethos with professional endeavors, laying the foundation for her enduring success. 

Despite the challenges inherent in starting a business, Tanya finds excitement in the process, highlighting the importance of presence, impact, and purpose in her dual roles.

Beyond entrepreneurship, Tanya shares invaluable insights into networking, job hunting, and the human element in recruitment. Emphasizing the enduring value of personal interactions, she offers practical advice for job seekers and entrepreneurs alike. 

Tanya’s wisdom resonates deeply, underscoring the universal themes of perseverance and self-discovery.


Introduction [00:00]

Motherhood and Entrepreneurship [01:04] 

Empowering Children and Work-Life Integration [05:31] 

Inspiration for Entrepreneurship [13:21] 

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship [20:49] 

Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs [23:07] 

Insight into Job Postings [29:08] 

Passion for recruitment [41:15] 

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Memorable Quotes

“Children are an addition to your life, but they are also the priority.” Tanya Abbey

 “My very first job that I got was so heavily discounted, and we worked so hard on that role. It taught me that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a high paying project or something cheaper, you apply the same process and the same passion to it.” Tanya Abbey