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Ever wondered about the profound effects of arts on well-being?

In this episode of the School of Reinvention podcast, I speak with Dr. Tasha Golden, Ph.D., a renowned expert in the intersection of creativity and well-being. As the Director of Research at the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins, Tasha has catalyzed paradigm shifts in healthcare, public health, and the creative sector through her work on “Arts on Prescription,” a model reshaping the definition of health. Her career pivot from singer-songwriter to public health scientist underscores the profound impact of creativity on well-being, informed by her own battles with depression and burnout.

Tasha shares her journey of redefining her identity by pursuing a master’s in creative writing, which led to the founding of Project Uncaged, a creative writing program for incarcerated youth. Her work illustrates the power of art in addressing social issues and making a positive impact, demonstrating how creativity can foster personal and societal transformation.

Our conversation explores social prescribing and the integration of arts into healthcare. Tasha discusses her efforts in enhancing community health initiatives through arts, music, and nature, advocating for a holistic view of well-being. Her story highlights the endless possibilities that arise from embracing change and personal reinvention, inspiring leaders to reimagine their work and amplify their social impact.


Introduction [00:00] 

Tasha’s journey from music to public health [02:14] 

Challenges and identity shifts [06:04] 

Navigating the identity shift [11:36] 

Project Uncaged [21:01] 

Arts on prescription [34:25] 

Reimagining Health and Well-being [39:48] 

Thriving as a Component of Health [46:20]

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Memorable Quotes

“This work that I’m doing now is definitely not what the plan was when I first started out.” Tasha Golden

“Being able to share about these things in our lives is really important to our healing process, our healing journey.” Tasha Golden