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Are you struggling to bring your idea to life? Drew de Leon did too until he had a massive breakthrough.

This is part one of an exciting in-studio interview with the creative mind behind The Digilogue, Drew de Leon. (part 2 can be found here)

Like many passionate entrepreneurs, Drew sought to answer a simple question, only to discover an industry-uprooting solution. The Digilogue evolved from a DJ booking service into a global music and tech community with over 77,000 members. In this episode, Drew walks us through the reinvention that led to his ultimate success. 

It takes time to develop an idea and even longer to solve a problem. Drew shares the genesis story of The Dialogue and how it evolved to solve new and unknown problems within his industry. As you reinvent yourself, you will discover new and exciting challenges that shape your reinvention. Drew provides invaluable insight into the time, humility, and patience required to create something of value for your community. 

Every reinvention is unique, and Drew De Leon’s transformative journey is a compelling testament to the power of community, perseverance, and creative solutions. If you are ready to embark on your own reinvention journey, stay tuned for practical advice, strategic insights, and inspiration that could be the catalyst for bringing your ideas to life. 

Key Takeaways

The Importance of Community [3:00]

The Process of Reinvention [13:00]

Developing Your Idea [28:00]

Providing Value [46:00]

Adapting to The Virtual Experience [54:00]

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Memorable Quotes

“You can’t be so set on what your vision is because if you’re approaching it from a community standpoint, it has to be a group effort, and it’s not just your idea.” [33:07] -Drew de Leon

“When you’re starting out you don’t really know the value of what you’re bringing yet, and that was a teaching moment for me because that was deeply discounted, and I had to prove myself and prove that my next level up wouldn’t be that amount.” [47:00] -Drew de Leon