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Are you struggling to build and sustain your entrepreneurial vision? Join us for part two with Drew de Leon, founder of The Digilogue. (Part 1 can be found here)

In this epsidoe, Drew describes how he translated his passion into the culture at The Digilogue. It’s tempting for entrepreneurs to cement themselves as the backbone and heartbeat of their own company, but Drew shares how he intentionally developed his team to ensure the long-term success of The Digilogue beyond his current involvement.

Every business starts to solve a problem, but Drew offers some unique insight on how to solve problems that your specific community is struggling with. Drew teaches you the importance of listening and responding to the issues currently facing your community. The problem you sought to solve will ultimately unveil a series of larger problems that only serve as an opportunity for your company to grow!

Drew shares his personal experience balancing personal wellness with his professional ambitions. Drew details how he set professional boundaries to keep work and life separate for the health of the dialogue team and his own mental health.

Whether you are a potential or seasoned entrepreneur, this episode will prepare you for the challenges and successes as you develop your own ideas. 

Key Takeaways

Creating The Digital Experience [0:00]

Solving Problems [4:00]

Digilogue Days [13:00]

Balancing Self-Care [17:00]

Focusing on The Person Not The Product [23:00]

Maintaining Relationships as an Entrepreneur [28:00]

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Memorable Quotes

“Understand that if there are problems in place, those are the clues on how your community or your platform will iterate, because you have to listen to your community. It’s not just about, we’re gonna scale or grow, you cannot just create things that people don’t need.”  [4:18] -Drew De Leon